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measureQuick® Integration Overview
measureQuick® Integration Overview

Learn how the integration between Housecall Pro and measureQuick works.

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With the measureQuick® mobile app, HVAC technicians can make better calls, improved repairs, and higher sales. measureQuick has the diagnostic tools to find problems that technicians might miss.

How the Integration Works

After you've enabled the integration*, your technicians will see a new measureQuick field on every job details page on mobile devices only:

*NOTE: Only jobs created after the integration is enabled will have the new measureQuick button. If the button is missing, delete the job and create a new one after turning on the integration.

After pressing "Open measureQuick," when your field tech opens measureQuick they'll see confirmation of the new job:

After dismissing the alert, continue with the standard flow and choose your test type:

Run your tests in measureQuick and generate your report:

After your report has been generated, click "Save Report to Cloud" to automatically sync it back to your Housecall Pro job:

Note: Any photos you take via the measureQuick app will also automatically sync back to the job in Housecall Pro:

Now, refresh the job details page on either mobile or web and voila! Your measureQuick reports and photo documentation will be included as attachments:

You may also run a number of other reports:

Any time you "Sync to Cloud" it will automatically sync back to the corresponding job in Housecall Pro. For example, save your report to the cloud before exiting to make sure it comes back to Housecall Pro.

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