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OnCall Air integration overview
OnCall Air integration overview

Learn how the integration between Housecall Pro and OnCall Air works.

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This integration will allow you to leverage all of the power of the OnCall Air platform to manage your quotes while you use HouseCall Pro, saving you time and reducing errors in data entry. For additional support be sure to reach out to OnCall Air directly.

Overview of how the integration works

How to initiate an OnCall Air Quote from Housecall Pro

  1. Simply log into the Housecall Pro web app and under + New option choose OnCall Air proposal.

  2. Search or create the customer in Housecall Pro. This information will be posted into OnCall Air and once you open the OnCall Air platform you will see the customer information already completed so you can continue the process from the survey tab.

  3. Once the sale is closed in OnCall Air, the job will be linked to the same customer automatically in Housecall Pro.

  4. When you go back into Housecall Pro, there will be a new job record tagged as an OnCall Air proposal. Links to the OnCall Air signed proposal and to the technician version of the Inspector will be posted in the Job notes and the total investment amount is automatically recorded into Housecall Pro.

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