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The New Flat Rate Integration Overview
The New Flat Rate Integration Overview

Learn how the integration between Housecall Pro and The New Flat Rate works.

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The New Flat Rate is a service pricing system that can equip you with a no-pressure sales presentation process which puts the customer in complete control by giving them 5 repair options to choose from on every job.

Housecall Pro's integration with The New Flat Rate allows the Pro to use the TNFR mobile app to present repair options to the customer, then navigate directly back to Housecall Pro as quickly and as easily as possible in order to handle Authorization, Invoice, or Payment.

How the integration works:

  1. Create a job in Housecall Pro and dispatch it to the Field Tech.

  2. Once on site, the tech will press "Start" in Housecall Pro.

  3. They will prepare and present repair options to the customer by using The New Flat Rate mobile app.

  4. In The New Flat Rate mobile app, the Customer will select the repair level they want the Field Tech to perform. Once all repairs have been selected, the Tech will press Send to Housecall Pro and select the Housecall Pro Job that the repairs should be sent to.

5. The Field Tech will be redirected back to the Housecall Pro app to continue the job process (Authorization, Invoice, Payment, Finish) where all of the information chosen on the New Flat Rate will automatically appear as line items in Housecall Pro.

Click "Go to Housecall Pro" and continue the job flow.

And that's it! Check out this video to see how the integration works.

Who can use the integration?

The New Flat Rate currently serves Pros in the following industries only: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Chimney, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

This integration is available to Companies who have a current active The New Flat Rate Membership.

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