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Price Book Mobile - What's new?
Price Book Mobile - What's new?

Learn about new changes to Price Book on mobile, including access to viewing and editing materials and viewing more details from web.

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Please note that the following feature is in Beta testing and are not yet available to all Pros. Features in Beta testing are subject to change based on feedback we receive.

What is new?

  • Ability to view and create your materials on jobs and in Price Book settings

  • Ability to enter cost for your services and materials within Price Book settings

  • Ability to add a task code to your services

  • Ability to add a part number to your material

  • Ability to add images to your services and materials items saved to your Price Book. Images can be leveraged for Visual Price Book or Online Booking services


Price Book Settings View on Mobile

  • You will be able to search across your services and materials

  • Arrows will help you navigate if you have created subcategories

  • Materials will now be able to be created, viewed and updated on mobile

  • Images can be included for your services and materials

Tech View on the Job/Estimate

  • When using the + Add Services or + Add Materials flow, your techs will now fall into an organized view of your Price Book that will help them navigate through categories and subcategories you have set up on web


  • The search has been updated to show your techs both service and material item matches as well as categories so they can refine down what they are looking for



  • Only admins and Field techs with the ability to 'Edit Company Info' can navigate to the Price Book in your mobile settings Please refer to our Price Book Mobile permissions guide to understand what your techs will have access to depending on their user permissions for more in depth information.

  • If you have flat rate enabled services or materials you will want to continue managing these on web to have a full view on your labor hours, markups, etc and keep the most accurate information

For additional support, please be sure to chat in via the blue chat bubble.

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