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Marking invoices and jobs as paid
Marking invoices and jobs as paid

How to know more about which invoices will be marked as paid when you take payments

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This help article will walk through Housecall Pro helps you keep your invoice reporting clean. If you are someone who invoices via Housecall Pro but isn't always getting paid through the invoice itself, the information will walk you through best practices.

With new invoices, you have a couple options when you want to apply a payment.

1. Mark the invoice as paid

We recommend this option if you are receiving a payment that matches up exactly with an invoice that you sent to a customer. You can click the 'Pay' icon from the Invoice summary table and mark the form of payment you are receiving.

Note: Keep in mind, you will not be able to modify the amount that you are getting paid. So this option is best when the invoice amount = payment amount received.

2. Apply Payment to a Job

We recommend this option if you're getting an odd sum that does not exactly match an invoice you have sent or you do not typically invoice. This is also a good option if for example, you sent multiple invoices but are receiving one lump sum payment for those invoices sent.

You are able to click the 'Pay' icon and enter the amount to pay towards the job. Keep in mind that the amount cannot exceed the outstanding job balance.


Jane is your customer with a job that is a total value of $5000. You have sent her one invoice for a deposit of 20%( $1000) and a second invoice to be paid for material and labor costs of the job for 50% ($2500). The job is now invoiced for 70% total or $3500.

Jane ends up sending you a check for $3000 by error. You can use the 'Pay' button at the top of your job and adjust the amount to be $3000 rather than the outstanding $5000.

If there are open invoices we will first apply that payment towards any open invoices the amount can pay off in full

  • HCP would mark the oldest invoice for the deposit $1000 as paid

  • HCP would void the second invoice for 50% since the $2500 cannot be paid in full and prevent overpayments being made

  • HCP would apply a payment of $2500 to the job

Note: Invoices that are open cannot be partially paid, they must be paid in full.

Please note that this feature is currently in a closed beta. If this is a feature you are interested, please fill out this questionnaire so we can evaluate if this is a good fit for your company at this time.

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