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How to request revisions to your unpublished Website by Housecall Pro
How to request revisions to your unpublished Website by Housecall Pro

How to use our Commenting Feature Flow to request edits to your website during the build stage

Written by Joe Burkhart
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Websites by Housecall Pro is currently in Alpha. If you're interested in learning more please submit your info here.

Professional and SEO optimized websites built for you

Websites by Housecall Pro delivers expertly designed websites that are proven to convert. Our team of experts takes the hassle of building and maintaining a website out of the hands of busy business owners through a do-it-for-you approach thats builds an optimal online presence.

Do-it-for-you Build Process

We provide a one-on-one approach to build a website that incorporates your brand guidelines, photos, colors and icons. We handle building the site and making edits for you so you can focus on running your business. It’s as easy as sharing your images and logos with us and we take care of the rest.

Commenting Feature Flow

While your site is being built, you’ll have access to an admin view where you can comment directly on what edits you want to make to make sure your site is everything you want before it is published.

Using the Commenting Feature Flow:

  • Login to your website dashboard in your Housecall Pro account

    • On a desktop computer, visit the Housecall Pro website and log in using your credentials

    • Once logged in, navigate to the "My Apps" section, conveniently located in the top navigation menu

    • Click on "App Store" in the dropdown menu

    • Scroll down until you find the "Websites" card and click on "Learn more" to explore further

    • Finally, click on "Launch" to open your website's comprehensive dashboard

  • Make revision requests

    • Once logged into your website dashboard, click "Edit" and your website will load

    • Click the plus + icon located on the right in the comments bar

    • Click on any element in your website and a comment box will pop up

    • Enter your comment or edit request and click "Submit"

    • The website team will receive your comment and when it is resolved you will receive an email notification that it's been completed

  • Leave the rest to us!

    • Our team will then make the changes for you so that your site is ready to be published

If you have any questions or additional edit requests once your site is live, just chat and our team will take care of it for you. Please allow 24 - 48 business hours for us to publish those requests.

Making changes to your website once it is published

The Commenting Feature Flow will be disabled after your site is published, but our team will always be here for you to make requested edits down the line. Simply chat into the Blue Bubble to connect with a representative.

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