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Setting up an Employee's Fully Loaded Rate
Setting up an Employee's Fully Loaded Rate

Configure fully loaded rates for accurate job costing reporting on labor.

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Job costing in Housecall Pro enables you to make decisions that are right for your business, with the ability to track and report on profitability. Labor costs are now easier to track when you setup your employees' fully loaded pay rate and track time spent on jobs.

Setting up Labor Costs in Employee Pay details:

  1. Navigate to your account settings.

2. Select the 'Jobs' settings to expand the drop-down menu.

3. Click 'Job Costing'.

4. Select the edit icon for Labor costs.

5. Click the edit icon to enter pay details for your employee.

6. On the employee pay details screen, select the base pay structure - Hourly, Salary (Full time), or Salary (Part time). Then, enter your Base pay amount.

7. To determine the fully loaded pay rate, you can manually enter the additional labor costs or use the Fully Loaded rate calculator provided.

Using the Fully Loaded Rate Calculator:

A fully loaded rate includes the base hourly rate of an employee + any additional employer paid costs.

  1. Enter your employee's net earnings, or "take home" pay.

2. Enter your employee's gross earnings with taxes included.

3. Enter the amount the employer pays to cover taxes and other contributions.

4. Finally, enter the overhead costs associated with the employee.

5. The calculator will compute the Fully loaded rate for the employee.

How Job Costing works with Fully Loaded Rate:

When you track time on jobs, your employee's fully loaded rate will be multiplied by time spent on the job.

You can see the total time spent on jobs in the mobile app, and in the field tech status when on the job details page.

The Job costing breakdown on the job details page will provide insight into the job costs associated with labor and materials. In your job costing reporting, you can drill down further and filter with other important metrics for your business.

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