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What happens when I 'let my vendor decide' with Bill Pay?
What happens when I 'let my vendor decide' with Bill Pay?
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Let your vendors choose their preferred payment method with Bill Pay

With Bill Pay you can pay vendors with via a bank transfer or a mailed check. If you're unsure which payment method your vendor would prefer, you can choose the 'let my vendor decide' option when submitting a bill for payment.

By choosing this option, Housecall Pro will contact the vendor on your behalf to confirm the payment method and save it for future bill payments.

The following information is what your vendor will see to confirm their payment information.

Contacting the vendor

After the bill is submitted for payment Housecall Pro will contact the vendor using the email address you provided in the vendor's profile. The vendor will receive an email similar to the following with your business information and bill details. If they would like to move forward they can select the 'ACCEPT PAYMENT' button.

β“˜ If the vendor does not choose a payment method (bank transfer or a mailed check) within 72 hours of receiving the email a check will be mailed to the address provided in the vendor profile.

Selecting a Bill Payment Method

The vendor will have two payment options to choose from:

  1. A mailed check - May take up to 10 business days

  2. A bank transfer (ACH) - May take 2-3 business days

β“˜ Whichever option is chosen will be the default payment method for future bills. This can be changed at any time.

Providing Bank Details (Only For Bank Transfers)

If the vendor chooses the 'Bank transfer (ACH)' option, they will be asked to provide the following bank details:

  • Account Type ('Checking' should be selected)

  • Account Holder Type ('Business' should be selected)

  • Routing Number

  • Account Number

By clicking 'SEND DETAILS' the bank information will be used to provide payment via bank transfer to the submitted and future bills

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