There are multiple ways for an estimate to be approved in Housecall Pro. The customer can approve it in person and online or you can manually mark it as approved. 

If the estimate will be approved it person, you can click the 'approve' button in the top left of the estimate details page. Click 'approve estimate.' You'll come to a screen where the customer can sign off for approval right on the screen. Once you have their signature, click 'done signing.'

When you send your customer or prospect an estimate, they will have the option to approve or decline the estimate directly from the email.

If the customer verbally approves the estimate over the phone you manually approve the estimate from the website. This can only be done after the estimate has been emailed to the customer. Open the estimate details page and look for 'Approvals' on the bottom lefthand side of the screen. Then simply select 'approve' or 'decline.' 

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