The multi-option estimate feature is ideal for providing different packages or level-of-service options to a customer. You can create and name the options to fit the way you run your business. 

For example, the options can be named Good, Better, and Best, allowing the customer to choose which level of service they would like. You can group the package options by level: Bronze Package, Silver Package and Gold Package.

To create estimate options, follow the steps below:

1. Click into your estimate details page

2. Click the 'Estimate Options' icon (clipboard icon)

3. Choose from the drop down menu:

  • 'Add Option' to create a brand new option from scratch


  • 'Copy to new option' to carry over information from the original estimate to the new option


  • 'Copy to new estimate' to create a new estimate with the same information for the same customer

4. Confirm by clicking 'Copy'

  • Check if you'd like any attachments to be carried over to a new option (if copying to new option) 

5. To rename the options, click the down arrow next to the option name. 

From this drop down, you can:

Things to know

  • You can add as many options as you like 
  • To add a new, blank option, click the '+' plus sign in the upper right corner


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