Navigate to your dashboard and click on the user icon in the upper right corner. Then click Account Settings.

Select 'My price list.'

Click the green '+add' button. A drop down menu will appear. First, be sure to add an industry to your account. Price list items cannot be entered until an industry is selected. 

After an industry has been chosen, click the '+add' button again. Now select 'new price list item.' A window will appear for you to fill out the following pieces of information:

  1. Category - You'll want to categorize your services to group services within the same category together.
  2. Name your service
  3. Set a price
  4. Give a detailed description of what is included in each service.
  5. You'll also want to select whether or not the item is taxable or if you want the service bookable online
  6. Click Save and you're all set!
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