How do I add segments to a job?

Learn how to add segments to jobs. Segments are perfect for multi-day jobs or jobs that require more than one visit.

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Video tutorial:


To create a new segment, go to the job details page. Click the wrench icon in the top right of the screen.

A drop down menu will appear. Select 'add segment.'

A window will appear tilted create new segment. Click 'create' in the bottom right. This will create a blank form to be filled out with the new invoice information, schedule and notes.  Segment #1 will have all the information you've already entered into those fields. Segment #2 will be blank, ready for you to enter the information for the next portion of the job.  

You can toggle between each segment by selecting each one at the top left corner of the screen. Repeat this process to create as many segments as needed. The job will have one invoice number, with sub-numbers (ex. Invoice #6-2) assigned to each segment.

You can bill each segment separately or all together, by clicking the PDF icon, add segment and then selecting the segments you want included on the invoice.

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