Your customers now have the option to book you through the Housecall app customer app, giving them a more convenient and interactive experience. 

First, they need to go to their App Store or Play Store and download Housecall. It will have the green door icon, instead of the blue Pro version. 

Once they create a username and password, they'll be taken to the industries screen, where they can select which industry they'd like to search. They can then tap the correct service industry.

Note: If they are selecting your service industry, they will only see your business once they have entered in your custom app invite code

Your customer can then choose what type of service they are looking for. 

This will then show them a list of possible professionals--or only your profile, in your own industry--to book. They can click the desired profile. 

They can then click 'schedule' to get in contact with the chosen business to book the job!

Learn more about why online booking is right for your business.

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