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How to Set up a Postcard Campaign
How to Set up a Postcard Campaign

Looking to send out postcards to your customers? Learn how to set up a one-time postcard blast, as well as an ongoing postcard campaign.

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Interested in sending physical postcards right to your customers door step? For only .86¢ per postcard, you can set this up within your Housecall Pro account. 

One-Time Postcard Blast

If you are looking to reach all of your customers in your Housecall Pro account at once, creating a one-time postcard blast may be your answer. You can mass-select the customers that you want to receive your postcard campaign. 

Ongoing Postcard Campaign

If you are looking to send an on-going postcard campaign, such as a 'Thank you' after your work is complete, or a '6 Month Follow-up' to generate repeat business, you can set up specific campaigns that will trigger to send when you press 'Finish' on the job you are working on. You are able to set as many campaigns as you would like. 

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