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Service Plan Template for Appliance Repair
Service Plan Template for Appliance Repair
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Full Home Service Plan

Plan name: Full Home Service Plan

Plan Description:

Inspect & tune machine
Inspect installation of inlet and drain hoses
Perform tub cleaning

Inspect & tune power chord connection
Inspect & replace flex duct
Clean dryer cabinet and drum felts
Service idler pulley and drum supports
Inspect condition of belt, blower wheel, drum supports, idler pulley, heating circuit, and ductwork

Inspect & tune machine
Inspect & clean condenser
Inspect condition of door closure cams, door gaskets, and water connections
Confirm that compressor, defrost, and fan operation normal

Inspect drain hose high loop, balance, proper mounting, and inlet connector
Perform tub cleaning

Inspect & adjust balance of machine
Inspect oven door gasket
Inspect operation of bake and broil functions
Inspect operation of top burners

Priority scheduling - guaranteed service within one business day

Duration: 1 year

Included visits: 2

Price: $425

Kitchen Service Plan

Plan name: Kitchen Service Plan

Plan Description:

10% discount on labor for any kitchen repairs. Can be used as often as needed.

Duration: 1 year

Included visits: N/A

Price: $200

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