Change a Job Service Address

Edit the service address of a job or estimate that's already been scheduled.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Open the Job from anywhere in Housecall Pro.

2. Click the Edit Pencil at the top right corner of the customer information box.

3. Click in the Street field and begin to type the new address. NOTE: It is always best to select the address from the Google suggestions when possible. Not utilizing this function can cause time zone discrepancies and other undesirable effects.

4. If this is the customer's new address, select the check box next to Update customer address and it will change the address on their profile. If this box is not selected the change will be made for this job only. Click UPDATE.

If an additional address needs to be added to the customer profile please see Add Multiple Addresses to a Customer.

For more information on Jobs please see our Jobs, Estimates, & Sales Proposals Collection.

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