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Sharing Your Reviews with Customers
Sharing Your Reviews with Customers

Viewing your personal customer reviews page

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Not all your customers have Gmail or Facebook accounts, but we still want them to have the ability to provide you feedback on your wonderful service! These customers are directed to a page specific to your business to leave their reviews, which you can view and share with others. These reviews are great for employee management as they are tied to a specific job with that customer & make great content for your website.

1. Click the 'My Apps' icon in your navigation bar

2. Click the 'Reviews' icon

  • Note: The Reviews icon will only appear if you already have Reviews enabled.

3. Click the 'Settings' icon (gear) on the far right corner

4.  At the bottom of the settings panel you can click on My reviews site to get directed to your personal page 

  • You can choose which reviews you want to automatically show up on this site (based on star rating) by clicking on the menu above the site titled Show

NOTE: Although you can choose to display specific reviews by rating, the overall rating will still be based on ALL reviews (including those not displayed in detail).

Your customer facing review page will look similar to what you see below. 

You can link to this page using a button on your website or iFrame the page directly onto your website. This page will be updated real-time with new reviews you receive!

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