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What is a Superpro?
What is a Superpro?

Found out what a Housecall Superpro is and how to become one

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The Housecall Pro Superpro Program is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest-quality local home service companies conquering their industries.

Superpros utilize Housecall Pro solutions to generate business, offer customers highly-rated service, and continually improve themselves and the home service industry through continued education, community activity, and helping shape the future of Housecall Pro software.

Every month, we award this status to Housecall Pros committed to providing their customers with a transparent, modern, and digital experience from day one, establishing a strong relationship for years to come.

Being a Superpro means Pros have met application requirements, honor their Superpro commitments, and share in a wealth of benefits.

Only 5% of Housecall Pro users have achieved Superpro status.

To earn this accolade, Superpros must meet a range of requirements to prove that they are committed to servicing their customers with a standard of excellence. The Superpro community includes the best Pros in each industry across the country, allowing for a unique opportunity to connect with equal calibered service professionals.

Superpros win 32% more jobs than their competitors. 

Superpros provide their customers with an organized and streamlined digital experience by using online booking and advanced Housecall Pro features. They utilize these modern tools to offer customers availability and transparency that is unmatched by their competitors and wins more jobs.

Superpros earn 3X more than regular Pros.

Our data shows that Superpros who are using at least 80% of the features in their Housecall Pro account make on average three times more than their peers. By utilizing Online Booking, Marketing, Custom SMS, Integrated Payments, Service Plans, Advanced Reporting, Pipeline, Expense Cards, Payroll, Job Costing, and HCP Assist, Superpros set their businesses up for continued growth and success.

Learn about the benefits of becoming a Housecall Superpro HERE.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements for becoming a Superpro HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: The Superpro Program is a completely free and optional program.

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