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What is a Superpro?
What is a Superpro?

Found out what a Housecall Superpro is and how to become one

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What is a Superpro?

The Housecall Pro Superpro Program is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest-quality local home service companies conquering their industries.

Superpros utilize Housecall Pro solutions to generate business, offer customers highly-rated service, and continually improve themselves and the home service industry through continued education, community activity, and helping shape the future of Housecall Pro software.

Every month, we award this status to Housecall Pros committed to providing their customers with a transparent, modern, and digital experience from day one, establishing a strong relationship for years to come.

Being a Superpro means Pros have met application requirements, honor their Superpro commitments, and share in a wealth of benefits.

Only 5% of Housecall Pro users have achieved Superpro status.

To earn this accolade, Superpros must meet a range of requirements to prove that they are committed to servicing their customers with a standard of excellence. The Superpro community includes the best Pros in each industry across the country, allowing for a unique opportunity to connect with equal calibered service professionals.

Superpros win 32% more jobs than their competitors. 

Superpros provide their customers with an organized and streamlined digital experience by using online booking and advanced Housecall Pro features. They utilize these modern tools to offer customers availability and transparency that is unmatched by their competitors and wins more jobs.

Superpros earn 3X more than regular Pros.

Our data shows that Superpros who are using at least 80% of the features in their Housecall Pro account make on average three times more than their peers. By utilizing Online Booking, Marketing, Custom SMS, Integrated Payments, Service Plans, Advanced Reporting, Pipeline, Expense Cards, Payroll, Job Costing, and HCP Assist, Superpros set their businesses up for continued growth and success.

PLEASE NOTE: The Superpro Program is a completely free and optional program.

What are the benefits of becoming a Superpro?

Directly Shape the Future of Housecall Pro

Superpros are on the frontlines of Housecall Pro's development. In a behind-the-scenes, exclusive community, Superpros provide direct feedback and solutions to the Housecall Pro team and their voice pioneers the future of the home service industry.

Unique Digital Badge

Superpros™ receive a unique digital badge (PNG/JPG/Vector) that you may place on your website, uniform, vehicle, promotional material, etc. It will also appear on your Housecall profile and differentiate you from your competition.

Verified Superpro Status

Superpro status signals a higher level of service to your customers. With this verified status, your customers will be more trusting of you entering their homes and willing to pay the price you deserve.

Superpro Initiation Box

Upon acceptance, you will receive a Superpro Initiation Box with exclusive Superpro collateral, including a printed gold leaf Superpro certificate.

Superpro Swag

Beyond your initiation box, there are many opportunities to participate as a Superpro that help your business and peers and win you even more swag throughout each year.

Gain access to the Superpro Facebook Group and Community

Being a Superpro grants you access to a vast network of industry leaders who can help you grow your knowledge and business and win new jobs in your area.

Exclusive alpha/beta product tests

Superpros get exclusive access to the Labs section of the app store with alpha/beta launches of new features. Superpros were the first to use features such as Pipeline, VOIP, Advanced Reporting, Expense Cards, Job Costing, HCP Assist, Zapier, Instapay, Service Agreements, Card Swipers, etc. Superpros provide valuable feedback and get to work with our product team.

Direct access to the Housecall Pro team

You will have a direct line to our Superpro community team who will connect you with Product Managers, Tech Support, and anyone and everyone else needed to solve your problem or hear your idea. Your voice will never go unheard or question go unanswered.

Continued Growth Opportunities:

Continue to expand your business and expertise with tons of growth opportunities:

  • #QuickTipTuesday (Superpros and HCP staff sharing tips in Facebook live event)

  • Zoom Office Hours (a live, open-forum webinar exclusive for Superpros to ask questions, share ideas, and get a direct response)

  • Free access to CONQUER Bootcamps ($44 value)

  • One free monthly CONQUER business resource (i.e. employee handbook, service plan templates, etc)

  • Access to the CONQUER Facebook Growth Vault

  • Industry meetups

Free trial on a feature

When you are first accepted as a Superpro, you get a free trial on a Housecall Pro feature that you do not current have.

SEO Boost Opportunity

You will have the opportunity to be featured in content on the Housecall Pro website with backlinks that will boost your SEO.

Exclusive Superpro Newsletter

Ever wonder how some Pros know what is coming before you do? They have access to behind-the-curtain information. Read the exclusive Superpro newsletter for information on coming features and what the Housecall Pro team is planning for the future.

Access to Priority Chat Support (coming soon)

Coming soon... It's a blue bubble on red alert. Exclusive for Superpros.

Superpro Application

Below is information about the Superpro Application process:

How do you become a Superpro?

All of the items below are thoroughly checked during your Superpro assessment.

To become a Superpro, you must first:

1. Be an active Housecall Pro customer on most current plan (i.e. V8).

2. Have your Housecall Pro Community Profile Account Settings 100% complete. Follow these steps to make sure you have completed each point.

3. You must be a member of the Housecall PROs Facebook Community Group.

4. You have an average of 4.8 stars or greater (min. 15 cumulative reviews) on Google and/or Housecall Pro Reviews

  • You will be able to add the links to these sites on your application. (If it is not added, it will not be looked at)

  • Unfortunately, website reviews without a star value do not count as it cannot contribute to your overall star rating

5. Have a claimed, activated Google My Business page

6. Be using at least 1 of Pipeline, VOIP, Advanced Reporting, Payroll, Expense Cards, and Job Costing.

7. Have ‘My Money’ set up and at the least have the ability to accept credit cards through Housecall Pro.

8. You have completed at least 15 jobs within the last month in your Housecall Pro account

9. Must have been in business for one year or more at time of submitting application

10. Have an active business social presence (Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok)

11. Have a professional website offering your customers online booking

12. You must have a good history of online (Facebook Group, chat bubble, messenger, etc.) and offline (in-person events, pro meetups, etc) communication with the Housecall Pro Community

13. Have agreed to the Superpro Code of Ethics and Commitments

This community is inclusive of HCP employees, HCP users, and HCP partners

Where can you find the Superpro Application?

You can find the 2024 Superpro Application at

Please review the eligibility requirements in this help article before completing your application.

Please give yourself at least 30-45 minutes to complete your application as you cannot stop and return to the application at a later time.

How often are Superpro applications accepted?

Superpro applications are accepted on a monthly basis. Superpro application assesment takes place the last week of each month with status update emails unless otherwise stated.

If you meet all of the requirements for Superpro status, you will receive an acceptance email with your following steps to sign the Superpro Code of Ethics, how to join the Superpro group, and what is expected of you to retain your Superpro status.

If you did not meet all the requirements and are denied for that month, you will receive an email outlining the requirements you did not meet. This will also include help on how to complete the items you were missing. After completing these requirements, you will be able to email to update your application.

I don't meet all of the requirements to become a Superpro. What do I do now?

If you have read the requirements to become a Superpro and find that you don't meet them all just yet, don't worry - Housecall Pro has your back. Housecall Pro is committed to helping you and your business go from Good to Great. To us, this is a partnership and when you grow, we grow too.

Knowing this, if you do not want to apply to become a Superpro until you know you have reached all the requirements, you can enroll in our our Good to Great Program.

You will be able to let us know what requirements you believe you're missing, and we will connect you with the appropriate guidance and resources to help you complete what you need to utilize the entirety of your account.

Please email if you'd like to be a part of our Good to Great Program and, ultimately, achieve Superpro status. More info on the Good to Great program below:

What is the Good to Great Program?

The Good to Great program is a free program to provide Pros with resources to achieve Superpro status.

To sign up for our Good to Great Program, complete the questions in this form ( and we will connect you with the appropriate guidance and resources to help you complete what you need to utilize the entirety of your account. After you complete the requirements using the resources provided, you will be ready to apply or re-apply to become a Superpro.

NOTE: Please read the Superpro requirements before filling out this form and give yourself at least 10-20 minutes to complete this form, you cannot stop and return to the application at a later time.

Why do I have to re-apply to become a Superpro each year?

As our Pros and their businesses grow and change throughout the course of a year, the Superpro program must keep the same pace and maintain the integrity of the status year after year.

Sometimes reviews go down or customers expect a new experience. Superpro is not a one time status. The industry is continually changing. We want to make sure the Superpro program keeps up with that every year.

Other Info about the Superpro Program

Below are some additional details about being a Superpro:

Can I lose my Superpro Status?

Yes, you can lose your Superprpo status if:

1. You have broken the Superpro Code of Ethics

All Superpros sign the Superpro Code of Ethics. Actions that are not aligned with the Code of Ethics will result in exclusion from the group.

2. You do not meet the requirements for the next year

Yes, the requirements to make Superpro status can and do change from year-to-year. If you do not continue to offer your customer the best experience you can offer, you can lose your Superpro status.

Superpro Code of Ethics

As a Housecall Pro representative, I promise to act professionally and to treat others in the community with respect, dignity, and compassion in all mediums of communication including both offline (events, in-person, meetups, etc.) and online (Facebook group, text, messenger, phone etc.). This community is inclusive of Housecall Pro employees, Housecall Pro users, Housecall Pro Certified Partners, and the entire industry of home service professionals. I will remember that I am not only representing myself, but the Housecall Pro brand including their vision and mission of helping good Pros become great Pros.

As a Superpro, I will provide my constructive feedback during feature releases so that Housecall Pro can continue to improve new features before launching to the whole community. I will also act as resource and a voice to my community in sharing my successes and experiences with Housecall Pro when needed.

Actions that are not aligned with the above agreement will result in exclusion from the group. This signature is inclusive of myself and any employees I may have to uphold ourselves to the Superpro Code of Ethics.

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