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How to Set Up Your Online Booking Windows & Employee Permissions
How to Set Up Your Online Booking Windows & Employee Permissions

Stay in control of your schedule and online booking availability by setting employee permissions and online booking windows.

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Setting up your employee permissions and booking windows prior to going live with the Online Booking feature will keep you in control of your schedule, while ensuring your customer has a convenient and seamless experience.

  • POC (Point of Contact): this employee will receive a notification when a customer books online, and should be responsible for dispatching/assigning the job to an available employee ASAP.

  • Online Booking Windows: these are the available arrival time windows that your customer will be able to choose from when booking online.

When a customer books online, that job will automatically be assigned/dispatched to the POC - it's up to you as a business to re-assign (dispatch) the appropriate employees to that job/estimate as soon as possible. 

Note: If you do not have a POC selected, it will default to the founding admin of the account (the person who created the Housecall Pro account for your company).

  • Customers will not be able to book into an Online Booking window if all 'available to be booked online' employees are already scheduled to a job, estimate, or event during that time window.

This approach allows you, as the business, to control the experience for the customer:

  • For example: you could have 3 employees available to be booked online, but 1 of your employees may not be able to perform a certain type of work that is being requested - by not automatically assigning the job, the POC is able to ensure that your customer receives the best service by dispatching the job to the appropriate employee. 

Your employee permission settings allow you to control how many appointments you would like to provide per booking window:

  • The number of employees you have available to 'be booked online' indicate how many opportunities a customer has to book a singular time slot.

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