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How to Enable the Schedule Button on Your Local Services Ads
How to Enable the Schedule Button on Your Local Services Ads

Learn how to enable and set up online booking through Google search results

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In this video we go over how to activate the schedule button on your Local Services Ads, and start letting customers book jobs directly from the search results.


To Enable the Schedule Button on your Local Service Ads

*all changes take 24 hours to take effect*

Step 1: Click On My Apps then Go to App Store

Step 2: Under Local Services Ads click on Learn More

Step 3: Toggle on to Enable Local Services Ads by Google

**Remember that it is a requirement that you are Google Guaranteed in order for the integration to work***

Step 4: Once enabled, click on Set Up Price List Items

Step 5: Edit each price list item under the category Google to add a price and description

**NOTE** Google has predefined a set of items that will be available for booking for your industries, meaning:

  • You CANNOT move other items into the category

  • You CANNOT define your own items to be booked on Google's Local Services Ads

  • The title of items CANNOT be changed, but you can change the description and price

Add in your price and edit the description so customers know what the service entails.

Step 6: Set up Online Booking Windows

You'll need to set your availability for your online booking in time slots of your choice before your customers can book you online.

The most popular time slot is 2 hours, however it can be customized to your business. Remember: the slot that you are setting is the window of time in which you'll arrive for the job, not how long the job will take to complete.

To set your online booking windows, go to your account settings by clicking the user icon in the top right, then account settings.

Then choose 'Business Hours.'

This will take you to the page where you can set your custom windows. To add a new slot, just hit '+booking window' toward the bottom right of the card.

Choose your time slot and then select the days and time you want that slot bookable online. Do this for each individual time slot you'd like available and you're done!


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