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Troubleshooting the Housecall Pro + Local Services Ads by Google Integration
Troubleshooting the Housecall Pro + Local Services Ads by Google Integration

Check out these steps to troubleshoot your Local Services Ads by Google Integration within Housecall Pro.

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Note: Google Local Service Ad's are not currently available in Canada.

Here are a few thing to troubleshoot when the schedule button powered by Housecall Pro isn't showing up on your Local Services Ads.

  • You must be Google Guaranteed for the schedule button to show on your Location Services Ads. If you aren't part of the Google Guaranteed program yet, get started here.

  • It hasn't been 24 hours since enabling or making changes. Changes and the initialization of the integration can take up to 24 hour to propagate on your Local Services Ads account.

  • Check your Local Services Ads and NOT your Google My Business page for the schedule button.

Here's what a Google's Local Services Ads profile looks like:

This is what a Google My Business page looks like:

Please be advised that the Google Guaranteed section is exclusively displayed on your Local Services Ads, which is a prerequisite for securing bookings. To locate your Local Services Ads, kindly conduct a search for your industry and geographical location (e.g. "Plumbing San Diego") and proceed to identify the listings within the Google Guaranteed section. Please note that searching for your business name page directly will not yield the desired results.

  • Your Local Services Ads must be running. Ensure that your ad is on when you are looking to see if the integration is working. If you have your ad set to only show during business hours, ensure that you are checking during business hours as the schedule button will only show then.

  • You must have adequate budget left for your Local Services Ads. This includes making sure that you have enough money to last you the rest of the billing period. As your budget runs low, Google will slow down your ad runs so that your budget lasts you the rest of the month. Ensure that you have enough budget set to cover your ad for the rest of the billing period. Find more information here.

  • Ensure that your business information is consistent across Housecall Pro and Local Services Ads. Google uses your company information provided by Housecall to match with your Local Service Ads account. They will not be able to match if this information is not the same across both accounts. This information includes:
    - Business name
    - Street address
    - City
    - Phone number

  • Your industries must match across Local Services Ads and Housecall Pro. You must have the Local Services Ads specific price list items set in Housecall Pro and the specific industry enabled in your Local Services Ads account in order for that industry to show as available for booking. Local Services Ads specific price list items will be added when the integration is turned on and will show under a Google category in your price list.

If everything here is correct and you are still having issues getting your schedule button to show, please contact the blue chat bubble.

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