Exported Report Breakdown

All fields and descriptions of information that appears in an exported report.

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There are a handful of items not displayed within Housecall Pro's report dashboard that appear once the report has been exported and opened in Excel or Numbers. 

Information shown on an exported report includes: 

Customer--email address, first & last name (not just display), company, mobile & home phone numbers
Invoice-- line items, payment history (including methods), credit card fees, taxable amount, finished time, and the times and dates the invoice was sent


A.) Invoice Number

  • The invoice number that is tied to the job, including segments (which include a '-' between invoice and segment number)


  • This is an internal identifier for our Engineers

C.) Created At 

  • The date in which a job was created within Housecall Pro

D.) Date 

  • Time/Date the job is scheduled to start

E.) End Time 

  • Time/Date the job is scheduled to be completed 

F.) Travel Duration

  • The number of minutes between 'On My Way' and 'Start' 

G.) On Job Duration 

  • The number of minutes between 'Start' and 'Finish' 

H.) Total Duration 

  • The number of minutes between 'On My Way' and 'Finish' 

  • Travel Duration & On Job duration combined


 NOTE: If invoice was scheduled for a child account, the child
account's information will show

I.) Customer

  • Customer's 'Display Name' 

J.) First Name 

  • Customer's first name

K.) Last Name 

  • Customer's last name

L.) Email 

  • Customer's email address 

M.) Company 

  • Customer's company name

N.) Mobile Phone 

  • Customer's mobile phone number 

O.) Home Phone 

  • Customer's home phone number

P.) Customer Tags 

  • Any tags on the customer's profile


Q.) Address 

  • The service address (broken down in columns R, S, T, U, and, V)

R.) Street

S.) Street Line 2

T.) City

U.) State

V.) Zip

W.) Description 

  • The first service item of the invoice (if multiple) 

X.) Line Items 

  • All service line items included in the invoice along with the price per item

Y.) Amount 

  • Total amount due for the invoice

Z.) Labor 

  • The total amount for services/line items minus any discounts 

  • This does not include any materials listed on the invoice 

AA.) Materials 

  • The total amount for any and all materials listed within the materials section 

AB.) Subtotal 

  • Total due before taxes and/or discounts 

AC.) Payment History 

  • Time, date, payment method, payment notes, and amount of payments made

  • Includes all partial payments 

AD.) Credit Card Fee 

  • If paid by credit card, this shows the fee pulled from that amount 

AE.) Paid Amount 

  • Total amount paid by customer 

AF.) Due 

  • The unpaid, remaining balance of the invoice (if any)

AG.) Discount 

  • The discounted amount in terms of dollars (even if originally input as a percentage) 

AH.) Tax 

  • The total amount of tax added to the invoice

AI.) Taxable Amount 

  • The sum of services and materials that were marked as taxable on the invoice

AJ.) Tax rate 

  • The name and percentage of the tax rate applied to the invoice 

AK.) Job Tags 

  • Any and all job tags that were added to the invoice

AL.) Notes 

  • Any 'Private notes' that were included of the job itself

AM.) Employee 

  • The employee(s) that were assigned/dispatched to the job 

AN.) Job Status 

  • In Progress = If 'On My Way' or 'Start' has been clicked but 'Finish' has not 

  • Unscheduled = If the job has been created but not assigned to a time/date  

  • Scheduled = If the job has been scheduled 

  • Done = If 'Finish' has been marked 

AO.) Finished 

  • When 'Finish' was clicked on the invoice

AP.) Payment 

  • Due = The remaining amount due on the invoice  

  • Paid = The entire amount has been paid 

  • Partial Refund = A partial refund was made on the invoice, does not mean their is a remaining balance 

  • Payment Failed = the payment failed and is awaiting to be paid

  • Processing Payment = payment has been taken and is currently being processed

  • Refund Failed = the refund was not successfully issued to the customer

  • Refund in Progress  = a refund was initiated but has not yet been issued

  • Refunded = the refund was successfully issued to the customer

  • Sent to Customer = The invoice has been sent to the customer without any option to pay online

  • Sign off Sent = The invoice has been sent with the option to pay online 

AQ.) Invoice Sent 

  • Timestamps for each individual time the invoice was sent to the customer 

AR.) Window 

  • The arrival window that was set for the invoice 

AS.) Attachments 

  • The number of attachments that were sent to the customer with the invoice

  • Does not display the actual attachments sent

AT.) Segments 

  • The number of segments the invoice has. 

  • All invoices will show at least 1 segment (the original reads as its own segment) 

AU.) HC Job 

  • If the job was booked through the Housecall Pro consumer app or not 

  • Y = Yes, booked through the consumer app

AV.) Tip Amount 

  • The tip amount if a customer included a tip when paying credit card 

AW.) Online Booking Source 

  • What site the invoice was booked through if it came from an online booking

  • Includes: My Website, Housecall Marketplace and Housecall App

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