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Pointing your own domain
Pointing your own domain

If you'd like to keep your own domain with its current registrar and point it in order to use a Housecall Pro Website Builder site

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In order to point your domain you'll first need to access your domains DNS settings. This will differ based on where you are currently hosting your domain and you may need to contact your domain host for additional support.

Before you begin, make sure you take a screenshot or write down what your current DNS settings are in case you ever want to change them back

The two records that you will need to update are the A Record and the CNAME.

A Record

Name: @
Points to:


(note: there is no period between netlify and global, that is just the break in the underline)

โ€‹You may want to set the TTL to the lowest setting on each

This will look different depending on your host. Below is what the settings will look like in some common domain registrars.


More help for editing DNS records on GoDaddy here


More help for editing DNS records on Wix here

Note: for Wix, you'll want to leave the Host Name field for the A record blank (instead of the @ symbol)

Google Domains

More help for editing DNS records on Google Domains here

When you've completed your repointing, please chat in so we can finish the process of getting your website set up for you!

Tip: make sure you only have one A record associated with your domain!

*Note: utilizing a domain that is pointed is only available on our Fixed & Success Website Builder plans

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