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Custom Reporting for Max Pros
Custom Reporting for Max Pros

Learn our favorite tips & tricks for how to use custom reporting to track parts ordered, clear report filters quickly, and more!

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In this video series we are going to talk about your customer reports, primarily your estimates report and jobs report and the custom reports that you are able to create and save to your dashboard.

Custom Reporting to Track Parts Ordered

One of the most commonly requested reports is a report to keep track of parts that have been ordered or still need to be ordered. In this video tutorial we are going to walk through how to create and save a custom report to your dashboard for this purpose.

Clearing Filters

After you have applied filters to your reports it can be a pain to try to manually reset each filter. In this quick video we are sharing our most-loved hack for reseting and clearing all filters in three clicks!

Best Practices (Custom Reporting FAQ)

We are sharing more tips & tricks for your custom reports based off of common questions we receive.

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