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Customer Loyalty Campaign
Customer Loyalty Campaign

Learn how to utilize your XL Advanced Reporting, Customer Tags, and Postcards to create a customer loyalty campaign.

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How do you turn customers into lifelong loyal customers that will see you as their go to brand for themselves and refer you to family and friends? Appreciation is one way to build this loyalty. In this video we are going to share a strategy for utilizing your advanced reporting's, Top 20 Customer report, customer tags, and postcards to drive a customer loyalty campaign that you can run biannually or annually.

Step 1: Decide your Cadence

In order to drive a successful customer loyalty campaign you need to decide how often you will run a campaign each year. We recommend once or twice a year.

Step 2: Determine Your Top 20 Customers

Access your XL Advanced Reporting by clicking on 'Reporting' from your main menu

Adjust your date range according to the cadence you decided on. Then, scroll down and find your Top 20 Customers report. Make note of which customers fall into this category.

Step 3: Tag Customers as Top 20

Navigate to your customer list and select all customers that you will be tagging. Then press the tag icon to bulk tag as Top 20.

Step 4: Create One-Time Postcard Campaign

Navigate to your Postcard tool and press '+Postcard Campaign' then select 'One Time Blast'

Upload your own design

If you need help creating your own postcard design, use the free Canva templates that we have created for you:

Access Your Free Canva Templates

Continue through steps 2-4 for creating a postcard campaign.

At Step 3 Recipients, filter your customer list by searching for 'Top 20' tag that you tagged customers with then select all customers that will receive the postcard.

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