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How Can I Use the Heat Map Report in Advanced Reporting?
How Can I Use the Heat Map Report in Advanced Reporting?

Learn how to use your Heat Map Report within Advanced Reporting & make data informed decisions for segmenting & targeting marketing efforts.

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One of the most popular reports within advanced reporting is the Heat Map. You can easily display zip code boundaries, the zip code itself, as well as pins for each job that you have done within that area. The color displayed is tied to the revenue collected in that zip code.

You can use this information to make data informed decisions about which customers to target. Perhaps you want to target “cooler” areas to generate more money in those zip codes. Make note of the zip codes you want to target and then navigate to your customer list, search for that zip code and then select customers who have that zip code to bulk tag. Then, utilize this tag to send a postcard campaign to those customers.

Need to learn how to create a postcard blast to target a customer segment? Watch the video below ⬇⬇⬇

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