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How to Use Your Multi-Location HCP Account
How to Use Your Multi-Location HCP Account

Learn how to set up your employees and account information in both Parent and Child companies within your multi-location HCP account.

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If you are using or thinking about using a multi-location HCP account then chances are you have multiple​​ divisions that operate under one business (think: locations or independently run departments) or you own or work for a corporate franchise. As the business owner, having a multi-location account makes it easier to navigate between divisions to set up employees, schedule & dispatch jobs, or run reports. This article will go over the basic setup and information needed to successfully run your multi-location account.

Basic Navigation

Within each multi-location account, there exists one parent account, with multiple child accounts under that umbrella. As an admin on the parent account, I might need to quickly navigate between companies.

First click into your company icon at the top of your HCP screen.

This will open up a dropdown menu of your parent account with any attached child accounts.

Simply click into any of the accounts to be brought to that company’s individual HCP account. Now, any scheduling, account setup, or changes will only happen within this child account.

Adding Employees

In any multi-location setup, there are two options for adding employees. Admin Employees added at the parent account level will have access to ALL child accounts, while employees added at the child account will only have access to that specific HCP organization. If you are brand new to employee setup, check out this article:

Parent account employees

When adding an employee that needs access to ALL companies in HCP, first make sure you are in the parent account. Use the steps above to navigate to the parent page (this might be named “franchise,” “corporate headquarters,” “parent” or “admin”)

All employees must be added as an Admin/Owner in order to perform functions in the child accounts.

If an employee was set up at this level, and they still do not see child companies or data within those companies, use the blue chat bubble to reach out to HCP Support so we can relink the employee record.

Child account employees

Again, to add an employee within a specific account, first navigate to that child account. Employees added this way will only see information from their specific location and will not be able to navigate to other accounts. This includes any admins set up at the child level.

If a tech needs to perform jobs at multiple locations, or another employee needs access to more than one location, they will need to be added as employees in EACH child account.

Every login needs a unique email address, so if an employee needs access to multiple companies, and they aren’t set up at a parent level, they will need to use a unique email address at each location.

If the employee uses a gmail address, they can simply add +1, +2, etc before the @ symbol. Example: if my email address was “” I could use “” as a separate log in to another company (all password reset information and additional emails be sent to the primary email address).

My Money and Pricebook

Each child account behaves like any other HCP account, meaning, pricebook and banking information will need to be set up in each account. Child accounts will not be able to pull services or materials set up in a different child location or the parent account. However, pricebooks can be identical in each account, and the same banking information can be used in multiple or all accounts.

Consumer Financing will also be set up within each individual child account. However, if a child account is approved for financing, so will each of the other child accounts. If data is integrated with Quickbooks, each child account will need to have a unique Quickbooks Online or Desktop Account.

For more information on setting up your child accounts, check out these article:

Scheduling, Estimates and Jobs

Much like with Pricebook and My Money, any customer, job and scheduling information will be unique to each child account. Any admin set up in a parent account will need to navigate to the specific child account in order to retrieve job information or utilize the schedule.

For any employee set up at a child account level, scheduling or creating new estimates and jobs will be identical to any other HCP account. For more information click here.

Online Booking will also be a unique link and setup for each child company. Click here for online booking setup help.


For more information on reporting from within your Multi-Location account, check out this article: Multi-location/Franchise Reporting

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