#1. Depositing Today 

  • The amount that will be deposited into your account by the end of the day 

  • Note: this can take until 12am midnight 

#2. Pending Transactions 

  • The amount that our processor is preparing to send to your bank 

  • You can see the breakdown of this amount in the Pending Transactions box below (#5)

  • The estimated deposit date will appear under My Payouts (#6) and will vary based on your bank.

#3. Card Readers 

  • If you're interested in using one of our card readers, you can sign up in this section

  • For more information on card readers, click here

#4. Business Lending aka Fundbox

  • Fundbox offers business lines of credit up to $100k on a 12 to 24-week repayment structure. Information regarding your Fundbox will appear in this section (if applicable). 

  • For more information on Fundbox, please click here.  

#5. Pending Transactions

  • List of all your pending transactions including their charge date, payment method, invoice number, customer, and amount that will be deposited

#6. My Payouts (Standard and Instant)

  • You can find all information regarding payouts including: charge date, payment method, charged amount, fees, customer name, invoice number, and payout status. 

  • Pending - the funds for the payout are being processed by our credit card processor, Stripe

  • In Transit - the funds have been processed and are en route from our processor to your bank

  • Paid - the funds have been deposited into your bank account 

#7. Bank Account Information

**If you DO NOT already use our credit card processor, but are interested in learning more, click HERE!**

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