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Getting Started with HCP Money
Getting Started with HCP Money

Learn how to get started today and get access to this powerful suite of products.

Written by William Kohse
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Getting started with HCP Money

What is HCP Money?

HCP Money is a suite of solutions and your destination for all things money. It offers simple, practical tools to help you and your team get even more done in the office and the field.

What products are included in HCP Money?

Expense Cards are a part of HCP Money and are an excellent way to manage spending and track business expenses.

Once you have enrolled in HCP Money, you can order as many Expense Cards as your team needs, and they are already included in your Housecall Pro subscription. To learn more about how Expense Cards work and how to order them for your team, check out these articles:

Learn more about Expense Cards

In the next few months, Pros using HCP Money will also have access to two new exciting tools: Mobile Check Deposit and Bill Pay. With Mobile Check Deposit, you can deposit checks right in the field or in the office without wasting valuable time taking trips to the bank. Bill Pay will help you take care of bills with a few clicks from wherever you run your business.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for HCP Money?

In order to be eligible to enroll in HCP Money, you must:

  • Be a U.S.-based company

  • Have at least 2 active employees

  • Be enrolled in Housecall Pro Payments

  • Must be on the HCP Essentials or MAX subscription*

*HCP Money is not available for accounts on a free trial or Basic subscription.

How do I sign up for HCP Money?

To sign up for HCP Money, please go to the My Money tab of your Housecall Pro account (available on desktop) and click ‘HCP Money’ in the left-hand navigation bar.

If you do not see an option to enroll in HCP Money and believe you are eligible, please reach out to support via the blue chat bubble.

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