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Where can I view my credit card transactions?
Where can I view my credit card transactions?

Get an itemized list of all of your credit card transactions and processing fees in your My Money section.

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To view your credit card transactions click on the My Money section at the top of your home page.

Transactions that have not yet deposited will be in your PENDING TRANSACTIONS section.

To see past transactions, select the processing method you are using (Standard Payouts or Instant Payouts).

Then click the > (greater than) icon.

This will then expand to show you all of the credit card transactions included in that deposit, along with the charge dates, processing fees, invoice numbers and customer names.

If you have more than five transactions in a single deposit, there will be multiple pages of transactions you can look through.  Click the right arrow or on each number to see the additional transactions:

For Standard Payouts, credit cards transactions will show one business day before they will be deposited.  It will say "In_Transit" under Payment Status. 

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