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How Do I Set My Bank Account for Payouts?
How Do I Set My Bank Account for Payouts?

How to connect your bank account to Housecall Pro, so credit card payments and bank transfers (ACH) can be sent to your bank account.

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Before credit card or ACH funds can be deposited from our processor to your bank account, you will need to enter your bank deposit information. In addition to the bank deposit information, you will also need to provide information about the business, account representative, and any additional owners of the business.

Follow these steps to set up your bank account to receive payments from your customers directly to a connected bank account:

Navigate to your dashboard and click on the 'My Money' tab.

This will take you to the My Money tab where all future transactions taken through Housecall Pro will appear along with other financial solutions for your business. In order to have access to many of these features, you must connect an external bank account to receive payouts. Click ‘Connect My bank' to get started.

You will receive a popup to connect your bank through Plaid. Plaid’s partnership with Housecall Pro creates a secure and verified connection with your bank account, so you can receive payouts from your customers. Select ‘Continue’ to connect your bank account with Plaid.

You can then scroll or search to find your bank.

Note: If you do not find your bank, you can exit out of this screen to manually enter your bank banking information using your routing and account number. Follow this link for more information on the manual entry flow.

Enter your credentials used to log in to your online banking account and click 'Submit.'

You may get a screen for a two-step verification depending on your bank and/or account settings. Confirm the account you'd like to use and click 'Continue.'

Next, you will need to verify the identity of the account representative. Ensure all information provided is accurate to avoid any disruptions to payments processing. Payouts could be delayed if information needs to be re-verified.

Choose whether the account is an individual or business account. Business accounts in the United States require a Business Tax ID or EIN which can be found on IRS documents such as a SS-4 or Letter 147. Business accounts in Canada require a provincial registry ID or corporation number which can be found on CRA documents such as a T2 Corporation Income Tax Return. Continue to add your business information by filling out each of the fields. If your individual or business account is in Canada, you will also have to designate your business structure so that we know what information we will need to collect from you.

The business representative will need to upload a photo of their Driver's License or Passport. This should be a close-up picture of the ID while lying flat on a plain, white background. Please make sure the text is legible, and the file is a jpg or png.

The last question asks if there are any other owners of the business. This is a required question only if the bank account being connected is associated with a business. Answering ‘Yes’ indicates there are other individuals who have significant responsibility for the control and management of your business, and own at least 25% of the company. After clicking ‘Next’, the information for these individuals will be collected.

Click the "+ Another owner" button to add all owners who own more than 25% of the business. If there are additional individuals who own the business, their information will be collected through the following dialog. A maximum of three additional business owners may be added.

If you are a business account in Canada and have designated your business structure as a Corporation, you will have an extra step where you will be asked to select or add information for all directors of your business. This information will then be verified with provincial or federal business registries.

After all information has been entered, the data is encrypted and verified through Housecall Pro’s payment processor. The reason the information needs to be verified is because of the obligation by regulators to satisfy certain Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements in order to continue to allow for payment processing.

If there are any inconsistencies with the provided information, you may be asked to re-enter the information on the My Money page.

After completing the sign up flow you will be taken back to the My Money screen and see a 'Pending' status on your account in the ‘Settings’ panel on the right side of the screen.

Once Housecall Pro’s payment processor is able to verify the representative and business information, the status will change from Pending to Verified. Once the account is verified, you are ready to start accepting credit cards through Housecall Pro.

The processing time for standard payout deposits is 2 business days.

NOTE: The first payment can take up to 5-7 business days to accommodate the approval process.

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