Before credit card funds can be deposited from our processor to your bank account, you will need to enter your bank deposit information. In addition to the bank deposit information, you will also need to designate an account representative for verification. The account is verified following the Know Your Customer policy.

NOTE: Starting June 7th, 2021, Stripe is requiring that any LLC or corporation (i.e. any organization set up as "Company" type in Stripe) will only be able to connect a bank account in the company's LLC or DBA name. Sole proprietors ("Individual" type in Stripe) will be able to use personal accounts to receive payouts. You can go to Stripe for more information.

Follow these steps to set up your bank account for deposits:

Navigate to your dashboard and click on the 'My Money' tab.

This will take you to your home screen for all future credit card transactions taken through HCP. But first, we need to know where to send the money! Click 'Add your bank'

You will receive a popup for Plaid, hit continue to proceed.

You can then scroll or search to find your bank.

Note: If you do not find your bank, you can exit out of the previous screen and click to manually enter your bank banking information. Follow this link for more information on the manual entry flow.

Enter your credentials used to log in to your online banking account and click 'submit.'

You may get a screen for a two-step verification depending on your bank and/or account settings. Confirm the account you'd like to use and click 'continue.'

Next, you'll just need to verify the identity of the account representative, to keep you safe and prevent fraud. 

Choose whether the account is an individual or business account (business requires a business tax ID), and fill out each of the fields below. 

You also need to upload a photo of your Driver's License or Passport. Just take a clear, close-up picture of the ID laying on a plain, white background!

When all of the information is correct, click 'finish' in the bottom right.

Once your information has been entered (including ID and Social Security number) the information is encrypted and sent to Stripe, our credit card processor.

You'll be taken back to the Bank for Payouts screen and see a 'pending' status on your account.

Stripe is able to verify the representative quickly and change your status from Pending to Verified. Once you're verified, you're all clear to start accepting credit cards through Housecall Pro!

The processing time for standard payout deposits is 2 business days.

NOTE: The first payment can take up to 5-7 business days to accommodate the approval process.

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