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Scheduling, dispatching, and taking payments
Scheduling, dispatching, and taking payments

Learn how to schedule and dispatch jobs, send invoices, and take payment.

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Step-by-step instructions:

Part 1: Schedule and Dispatch a Job

Step 1: Click +NEW

Step 2: Select JOB

Step 3: Click into the first box for customer. Either type in the name of the customer if they already exist as a customer within Housecall Pro. Otherwise, press +New Customer to create a new customer.

Step 4: Click into the second box for Schedule

Step 5: Schedule the job by clicking on the blue box representing the job we are scheduling and choose the date and time.

Step 6: In the top right hand corner of the screen, check/uncheck the box depending on whether or not you want your customer to receive an email & text notification that this job was scheduled. To the right, the clipboard icon lets you dispatch or assign the job to employee(s). To the right of that icon, you can set an arrival window. The icon with two arrows chasing each other lets you create recurring jobs. Most HVAC companies do not use these since they are geared toward jobs such as lawn care that repeat on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Step 7: Click USE THIS TIME when you are finished with this step

Step 8: Click into the third box to add services or materials to the job. These will appear as line items in the invoice.

Step 9: You can add Private Notes, Customer Tags, Job Tags, and Attachments if you wish. These are private, meaning that you and employees assigned to the job will be able to see/access these but customers are not able to.

Step 10: Click on SAVE JOB when you are finished. If you checked the box for notify customer when selecting the date & time, your customer will receive the text/email notification at this time.

You will then be taken to the Job Details page.

Part 2: Running the job through Housecall Pro

Step 1: Access our field tech training checklist and videos by clicking here

Step 2: Click On My Way, Start, & Finish for each stage of the job. We will automatically capture the date and time when technicians click these buttons from their mobile app.

Part 3: Sending an Invoice and Taking Payment

Step 1: When you are ready to send the invoice to the customer, click INVOICE

Step 2: Add attachments (photos or checklists) and adjust invoice settings if needed

Step 3: Press NEXT

Step 4: Adjust the email that is sent to the customer or select to send the invoice via text message instead. You can also adjust payment settings to allow customers to pay online directly from the invoice they receive using a credit or debit card or ACH.

Step 5: Click SEND

Step 6: To record a payment from your customer, click on PAY

Step 7: Set the amount you are collecting from your customer and the method of payment. Depending on payment method selected you may be prompted for more information (ex. credit card information or check number as a payment note)

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