1. Click into your Customer List and select the correct customer from your list.

2. Click into the ‘Jobs and Estimates’ section of the customer profile.

3. Check the boxes next to all the invoices you’d like to send/take payment on.

4. Once selected, you can either: 

  • Click the paper airplane icon to SEND the batched invoices to the customer

  • Click the credit card icon to take PAYMENT on the batched invoices

(See below for instructions on next steps) 


1. Click the 'Send Invoice' icon (paper airplane) 

2. Click the Invoice Settings icon (gear icon) to select which of the following items you want displayed on the invoice:

  • Company name, quantity & unit price, technician name, invoice date, and customer & company name

Note: Scroll down on the invoice preview page to view all invoices

3. Click 'NEXT' 

4. On the PAYMENT SETTINGS page, you will be able to: 

  • Choose if you'd like to send an email OR text

  • Edit the invoice subject line or message 

  • Type additional email addresses into the 'To' field. Separate email addresses with a comma

NOTE: You can only send an email OR text, not both at the same time. Although you can send to multiple email addresses, you can send the text to one number at a time. 

5. Click the 'Payment Options' icon (dollar sign) to adjust your payment settings.

  • If you'd like the payment options to be saved for future invoicing, check 'Remember pay online option'

  • You can only use our credit card processor to accept credit card payment online

**If you DO NOT already use our credit card processor,
but are interested in learning more,
click HERE!**

NOTE: If the 'Pay Online' option is enabled, your customer will be able to click a link through the invoice email/text and pay for all the due invoices in one single payment.

6. Click 'Send

Send Batched Invoices - Video


1. After selecting the invoices to be paid in the customer profile (see above), click the 'Batch Payment' icon (credit card icon)

2. Select payment method: credit, cash, check, or other (for non-Housecall Pro credit card processors)

**If you DO NOT already use our credit card processor,
but are interested in learning more,
click HERE!**

3. Apply payment to batched invoices

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