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The Open Invoices dashboard report gives a quick at-a-glance view at all of your invoices that are unsent, due and past due.  

What do these statuses mean?

Unsent: Job is marked as finished and has a dollar amount on the invoice but you have not sent the invoice.
Due: You have sent the invoice to your customer and there is an unpaid balance due.
Past Due: You have sent the invoice to your customer, there is an unpaid balance due, and the invoice due date has past.

Clicking "VIEW ALL" will take you into the report.

The report shows the last time an invoice was sent (if it ever was), the terms on the invoice (due on receipt, net 30, net 60 . etc), the amount due and the customer.If you'd like to send an invoice that hasn't been sent yet or remind a customer that is past due, you can do so directly from the report.

Once a week, all admins will receive an email with a summary of open invoices. The summary includes how many invoices are unsent, due and past due, and how much outstanding revenue is in each category. 

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