What are customer tags?

The ultimate guide to what customer tags are, how to add customer tags, and how to filter your customer list by customer tag.

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What are customer tags?

Customer tags are internal identifiers that you can use to categorize your customers. Common customer tags include residential, commercial, or referral. Keep in mind that customer tags are private meaning that your customers will not see them. Customer tags should be used for identifiers that will be tru for that customer across all jobs and estimates that you do for them.

How do I add customer tags?

In the video above↑↑ we go over the various ways you can add and delete customer tags from the web portal including; adding customer tags to a customer's profile, add customer tags while creating a new customer, add customer tags while creating a job, existing jobs, and bulk tagging multiple customers at once.

How do I filter my customer list by customer tags?

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