Add Customer Tags

Add customer tags to categorize, track, and for reporting purposes.

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Tags are internal identifiers (meaning customers cannot see them) you can use to distinguish specific customer characteristics such as: referral sources, customer routes, commercial vs. residential, or any other details that identify and or group customers. 

You can use tags to filter and search within your dashboard reports.

You can add tags when initially creating a customer profile or any time after that on the web portal or on the mobile app.

Add Tag to Customer Profile

1. Click the 'Customers' icon in your navigation bar

2. Select the customer profile 

3. Once in the 'Profile' section, scroll down to see the customer tags section on the left

4. Click on the field marked 'Customer tags (press enter)' and type your tag

  • If your tag has already been used, it will appear in a drop down list. Click on the tag to add it to the customer profile

And that's it! 

NOTE: Tags will remain attached to the customer until you edit or delete either the tag or the customer.

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