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How Does my Customer Update Their Card on File?
How Does my Customer Update Their Card on File?

Learn how your customer can update their card on file for their recurring service plans or maintenance agreements.

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Step 1: Customer needs to login at

If they don't remember their password they can always press Forgot Password?

Step 2: Once logged in, your customer will need to update the card on file

Your customer will see their Card on File (along with their Service Agreements and accepted date, duration, and billing terms for the agreement)

Step 3: They can click Update Card in the upper right to update their card on file

Then, the customer can enter the correct card information.

After updating their credit card, customer will see the confirmation at the bottom of the screen:


  • Updating the card on file does not change the billing date

  • If there is an outstanding balance due, all outstanding amounts will be charged to the new card on file at the time of update

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