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How Do I Ask For Reviews?
How Do I Ask For Reviews?

We share our best tips & tricks as well as a few scripts for how to ask customers for reviews.

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You know the saying, you can't get what you don't ask for. Customers don’t know how important online reviews are or that you want them to leave a review unless you ask them to. And most of the time if you don’t ask only your unhappy customers will go online to complain.

77% of consumers are willing to write an online review if you ask and make it easy for them. So, train your employees on how to not only be a better communicator but also how to ask for an online review and tip the online review game in your favor.

The number one complaint customers usually have is that they felt like there's a miscommunication. The more you communicate with your customers and the better you are at that communication, even if they have a bad experience, if you're in good communication with them, you're going to catch that bad experience before they go post a negative review. And then you can go back and you can solve whatever's wrong. SO get your team to open the lines of communication.

The best time to ask for a review is once you are done with the job and you have the opportunity to walk through the work that you just performed. Ensure they had a good experience, and then ask.

“Mr. Jones, I take pride in my work so how was the service I provided you today?' 'Great! Always good to hear that. In a few minutes, you'll be receiving a review request - do you mind taking a few minutes to leave feedback letting my boss know how well I did?' 'Thanks! That means a lot!'


“Mrs. Jones, we just finished the job and just so you know, you're gonna be getting a text. I use a service that will send a link out that makes it easier for you to leave me a review online. Would you please leave me that review?”

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