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How do I Set Up Invoice Reminders?

Learn how to set up automatic invoice reminders to remind customers they have an overdue invoice. See common questions answered too!

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Invoice reminders are designed to simplify and streamline getting paid and reminding customers that are overdue in a professional manner.

How to Turn On or Off Invoice Reminders

  1. Navigate to Account Settings

  2. Click Invoice, drop down arrow

  3. Click Automatic Reminders in the left sidebar

  1. Toggle on the 'Send unpaid invoice reminders'. When turning it on, you can select the reminder frequency and max number of reminders to send.

Who can configure Invoice Reminders?

All admins are able to adjust your invoice settings to either turn on or turn off invoice reminders. Office staff with permission to edit company information are also able to adjust these settings.

Will Invoice Reminders be sent for Due Upon Receipt?

Yes, the due date of this invoice will be the day it is sent to the customer and if the customer has not fully paid their invoice come the next day, it will then fall into your Invoice Reminder cadence that you set.

If I turn Invoice Reminders Off after having them on, will my customers who have already received reminders continue to get them until they pay?

No, when you turn on/off Invoice reminders, all customers and all invoices are immediately affected. This means that if you have a customer that would have received a reminder email tomorrow but today you turn invoice reminders off, that customer will no longer receive that reminder email tomorrow.

What is required for HCP to send the reminder to my customer after I have turned Invoice Reminders on?

Invoices have to be marked as finished, have an invoice due date, have a balance greater than $0 and you must have sent an invoice to the customer. Invoice reminders will start going out after the invoice due date has passed and the invoice is still unpaid.

How do I stop Invoice Reminders from sending to my customers?

Invoices have to be marked as Paid in order for the reminders to stop.

What happens if I manually send an invoice to my customer again?

The reminder sequence will restart based on the most recent date you sent an invoice to a customer.

Who receives the invoice reminder if I emailed the invoice to multiple email addresses?

The Invoice Reminder email will be automatically sent to all email addresses that received the invoice when you sent the invoice to the customer.

How will I know if the Invoice Reminder was sent to my customer?

You will see the Invoice Reminder in the activity feed on the job. It will look just like the activity for sending an invoice, except that the user will be Housecall Sparky since HCP is automatically sending the reminder for you.

Does Invoice Reminder work with batch invoices or auto-invoicing?

Currently, Invoice Reminders are not compatible with batch invoices or auto-invoicing.

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