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Setting Up SMS Job Reminders
Setting Up SMS Job Reminders

Set up and customize automated text messages to remind customers of their upcoming job.

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Set up SMS reminders so your customers are notified the day prior to their upcoming job. Reminders are sent at 9am in your business's time zone the day prior to the scheduled job.

1. Visit your job settings

Visit your job settings page. SMS job reminders will be OFF by default.

2. Enable your SMS job reminders

3. Customize your SMS job reminders

Customizing the SMS message is currently in beta testing and not available to all Pros. If you are not able to customize the message, the default is message sent to your customers is below.

Hi Customer First Name, Technician Name from Company Name is scheduled to arrive Job Date at Job Time.

4. Preview your message

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these reminders sent for estimates as well?

No, these reminders are currently only sent for jobs.

2. What happens when Send to customers with notifications off is toggled on?

Even if a specific customers has turned off their notifications this will override that setting and the SMS message will still go out. Learn more about turning customer notifications off here.

3. I am not currently approved to send SMS. What does that mean?

Each organization must have a custom number in order to send SMS message for customers. Instructions for setting that up are here.

4. Can I customize the time and frequency of these messages?

No - all messages will go out at 9am in your local time zone the day prior to the job.

5. I have all the settings turned on and my customer is still not receiving their reminders.

Customers have the option to opt out of SMS communications so this customer might have done that. They can always respond to the original message with START to be able to receive messages again.

6. How do I send email reminders?

Email reminders can be set up through the email automation app. Click here to learn more.

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