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Turn Off Customer Notifications
Turn Off Customer Notifications

Turn off all automated text message and email notifications for your customer.

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You can turn off notifications for a customer if you no longer want them to receive any automated emails or texts.

1. Click the 'Customers' icon in your navigation bar 

2. Select the customer whose notifications you want to disable

3. In the Profile section, click the 'Edit' icon (pencil icon)

  • You can see if a customer's notification settings are on or off in the Contact Info section.

4. In the 'Edit contact info' pop up, check the box next to 'Receive Notifications' in the bottom left corner. 

  • On = with checkmark

  • Off = unchecked 

5. Click 'Update'

  • You can confirm that notifications have been turned off by looking in the contact info section. 

Things to Know

  • You cannot turn off all customer notifications at once, it must be done individually. 

  • Although your customers will no longer receive messages automatically, you are still able to manually send scheduling confirmations, invoices and receipts. Just keep an eye out for the 'Notify customer' option (see below).

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