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Send financing application to customers - mobile app
Send financing application to customers - mobile app
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**PLEASE NOTE: You must have financing with Wisetack enabled to use. Learn how to sign up here**

With Housecall Pro’s consumer financing option turned on, customers will automatically have the option to finance their jobs when you send estimates and/or invoices.

You now will also have the ability to easily send your customer an application to finance their job with Wisetack directly from your job details page on the mobile app.

If your job falls within the approved lending range with Wisetack*, you will see a banner on the job details page alerting you of the potential monthly payment. This banner will also give an option to 'SEND' from your job details page.

If you would like to send your customer an application to finance this job, simply select the 'SEND' button. This will direct you to a page to confirm the customer details before sending them an SMS message with a link to apply.

Your customer's phone number information will be automatically populated before sending. You can confirm the number, or change it before sending.

Once the information is confirmed, select 'Send Application' to send the customer a link to apply for financing through Wisetack via their mobile phone.

This option is also available through the web portal.

*Note: The financing options during checkout will only appear for jobs that fall within our partner’s approved dollar amounts ($500 - $25,000)

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