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Wisetack Consumer Lending Overview
Wisetack Consumer Lending Overview

Learn about our natively-integrated consumer financing option, with Wisetack.

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With consumer financing your customers have the flexibility to break the total cost of a job into smaller more manageable payments over time while you get paid in full as soon as the job is finished. Sell bigger ticket jobs, maintain cash flows, and give your customers the flexibility they need when it comes to payments.

In the video below, we go through the workflow of sending the financing application to your customer, your customer filling out the application and choosing their financing terms, and how you'll get paid for the job.

Important reminders:

  • Jobs/Estimates must be within $500-$25,000 range

  • You must first sign up for Wisetack and be approved before you will be able to offer financing to your customers

  • When your customer fills out the application it is only a soft pull. There is no impact to their credit score for simply filling out the application.

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