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Wisetack Consumer Financing - Disable
Wisetack Consumer Financing - Disable

How to remove the ability for your customers to finance jobs via Wisetack from your account

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If you'd like to remove Wisetack from your account, follow the directions below.

How to disable Wisetack:

1. Navigate to the My Money page on the top navigation bar, then select the Consumer financing tab on the left navigation bar, and then click on the Manage button.

A dialog box will appear with a toggle next to Offer financing on invoices and estimates

2. Click on the toggle (it will turn grey) and then click Save

Please note that Save must be clicked in order to save the selected setting. If the integration is toggled off (the toggle is grey) but the Save button is not clicked, then the setting will not be saved and Wisetack will remain active when the window is closed.

That's it!

If you'd like to re-enable the Wisetack integration, simply:

1. Navigate to the Manage button using the process outlined above.

2. Click the toggle next to Offer financing on invoices and estimates in the Manage pop-up box (it will turn blue) and click Save to save the new setting.


Any emails (invoices or estimates) that were sent while Wisetack was active will continue to show the 'As low as' offer at the top of the emails (as we can't unsend an email), however all emails sent after financing has been disabled will no longer have that offer visible.

For any financing applications that have been started prior to financing disabled (i.e., a homeowner is approved for financing then the account disables financing), these loans will continue to be eligible to pay for an invoice. They will correctly mark a job as paid, display in My Money, and sync to Quickbooks.

**NOTE: Wisetack is currently not available via Housecall Pro in Canada. Other eligibility requirements may apply.**

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