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Wisetack consumer financing - invoices & estimates
Wisetack consumer financing - invoices & estimates
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**PLEASE NOTE: You must apply to use this feature. Learn how to sign up here**

With Housecall Pro’s consumer financing option turned on, customers will automatically have the option to finance their jobs when you send estimates and/or invoices:



If your customer is approved for and accepts financing for the job, the purchase amount will be applied to the job total and reflected in the job's activity feed. You will receive the payment for the job after the job’s completion on the specified service date.

When sending the estimate or invoice, please be sure that your customer has a full name and phone number and that the job or estimate has a service date and total dollar amount.

How can I receive a deposit on a consumer financing job?

Since you are set to receive the full amount from Wisetack when the job is complete, it's less common to collect a deposit on consumer lending jobs.

However, if you still require a deposit, you can create a separate job, add a deposit, then send the invoice and have the customer pay. You can then just subtract the deposit amount from the financed amount.

What if the work scope or job amount changes?

In this case, you should resend the customer through the financing application process. Since checking eligibility only requires a soft pull on their credit, it does not hurt the customer's credit score to apply and check financing options again. Plus, the application is easy to fill out and only takes a few minutes of your customer’s time.

If the job size has increased, there is a risk your customer may not be approved for the new financed amount. In most cases, a moderate amount increase should not be a problem though.

For information on how to get paid with Wisetack, read: Wisetack - how you get paid

Note: The financing options during checkout will only appear for jobs that fall within our partner’s approved dollar amounts ($500 - $25,000)

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