Create a deposit based on a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the job total directly on the job details page! 


1. Open the job details page

2. Scroll down to 'Deposit' in blue, located directly under Subtotal, Total, and Discount

3. Click 'Deposit

4. Select if the deposit type is a specific dollar amount ($) OR percentage (%)

5. In the space provided, type the dollar or percentage amount of the deposit

6. Set the deposit due date by typing in the given field, or selecting from the drop down calendar.


Sending a deposit is an identical process as sending an invoice.

1. After adding your deposit, click the 'Invoice' button

2. Select your invoice settings, and click 'Next'

3. Select if you'd like to send the deposit via text or email 

  • Choose your payment settings (if providing online payment)

4. Click 'Send

When your customer clicks on 'Pay Online', they will be taken to the page below. 

Things to know: 

  • To delete a deposit, enter a zero (0) in the dollar amount or percentage field and save. 

  • If a job has a deposit applied, it will NOT automatically update if any line items or materials are added afterwards. You must delete the deposit, then re-enter.

  • At this time, you cannot add a deposit from the mobile app. However, if a deposit has been added through the web portal but not sent, sending the invoice via mobile will send the deposit invoice.

  • If using segments for multi-day jobs, add the deposit to just 1 segment. Do not attach any other segments when sending off for deposits.

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