1. Click into the job or estimate details page

2. Scroll down to the Subtotal/Tax/Total section

  • NOTE: If no amount is entered or due, '+ Discount' will not appear 

3. Click '+ Discount'

4. Choose between 'Dollar Amount' OR 'Percentage'

5. Input the description & amount/percentage 

  • Description - Include a brief description indicating the discount reason (Seasonal Promo, Military Discount, Loyalty Discount, etc.)

  • Keep in mind, this is a customer-facing description (customers will see the description on their invoice)

  • Multiple 'Dollar Amount' discounts can be added by clicking '+Row'

6. Click 'Update' to save 

And that's it! 

Click on 'Discount' if you need to edit at any time.

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Delete Price List Items

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