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Wisetack consumer financing - mobile checkout
Wisetack consumer financing - mobile checkout
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**PLEASE NOTE: You must apply to use this feature. Learn how to sign up here**

With Housecall Pro’s consumer financing option, your employees will be able to offer financing while in the field with their mobile devices. If you have the consumer financing feature turned on, the process is easy.

1. Click ‘Pay’ at the top of the job details page.

2. If the total cost of your job falls within the consumer financing range, the option for your customer to check out with financing options will appear.

To initiate the financing process, select the 'Qualify Now' button.

NOTE: You can also select the ‘View Details’ button to show the customer more information on their financing options.

3. Confirm your customer’s phone number and select ‘Send Financing Options’ to send your customer their unique application link.

Your checkout screen will let you know when your application was sent and also if it was APPROVED or DENIED.

If approved, the purchase amount will be applied to the job total and reflected in the job’s activity feed. You will receive the payment for the job after the job’s completion on specified service date.

Note: The financing options during checkout will only appear for jobs that fall within our partner’s approved dollar amounts ($500 - $25,000)

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