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Wisetack and Sales Proposal Integration
Wisetack and Sales Proposal Integration

The easiest way to leverage Good / Better / Best selling

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At long last! ‘Good, Better, Best’ proposals meet ‘As Low As’ pricing! Introducing the integration between the Housecall Pro Sales Proposal Tool and consumer financing powered by Wisetack! This integration allows for an even easier way to sell, and a quick way for you and your customer to pre-qualify for financing - providing instant relief from sticker shock, helping you win larger jobs while providing an excellent customer experience.

This integration requires two individual features to be enabled on your account, Sales Proposals and Wisetack.

Interested in consumer financing, but aren’t set up with Wisetack yet? Here’s how to start: Wisetack Consumer Financing - Signing up. If you’re interested in sales proposals, but haven’t yet set them up, here’s how to start using Sales Proposals.


The addition of ‘As low as’ pricing to a proposal allows you to completely reframe the conversation with your prospective customers by reducing concerns about price, and focusing on the value that each option provides.

When presenting proposals, should your homeowner decide that they’re potentially interested in financing the job with you, simply tap the ‘Apply for financing’ button at the top right of the page. This will open a popup confirming the homeowner’s phone number that the application will be sent to, and one more click sends the application via text message straight to your homeowner’s phone.

That link will allow your customer to pre-qualify themselves, and after they complete the application, will give both you and your homeowner insight into the maximum amount they can borrow.

Going through this process early - before finalizing the exact scope of work - creates flexibility for both you and your homeowners by eliminating wasted time on lost proposals due to a homeowner’s financial situation.

Next Steps

Work with the customer to finalize the estimate and scope of work. Once the job is complete, simply send your invoice to the customer and they’ll be able to finance the work with only a few clicks.

That’s it!

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