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Wisetack makes it easy for your customers to pay you over time for their purchases.

Getting paid is easy too. Wisetack will transfer the money to whatever bank account you have on file with them.

How you get paid:

1. When signing up with Wisetack, they will collect your banking information from you during the application process.

2. If a customer decides to take out a loan to pay for a job, you will be alerted via email, and within the activity feed of the job.

3. The job details page will reflect the payment status as 'Payment Pending' until Wisetack disburses the funds to the bank account you set up with them.

4. Your customer will need to confirm that the work has been completed on their loan application before the funds are disbursed.

5. Once approved, the money will be sent in 2 business days and be reflected as paid on your job.

6. Just like with a Credit Card charge, the transaction will show up as 'pending' while those funds are in transit, and will be reflected in the new 'Financing' tab under your payouts.

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